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Los Cabos
21 Nov

Cabo Pulmo

Have you heard about Cabo Pulmo? It is located in the municipality of Los Cabos at only 63Km from San José del Cabo.  Far from the hustle and bustle, Cabo Pulmo stands out for its desert beaches and coral reef that are of great importance for the marine biodiversity that inhabits it. Being the coral reef more old of the Gulf of California and due to its age (estimated at 25,000 years) it could it is the oldest reef in the American Pacific.

Cabo Pulmo

A few years ago, fishermen from the area organized themselves together with scientific community, academics and civil organizations to protect the area from over-fishing, this has helped that in 18 years that actions are being takend to protect the reef to recovered them from overfishing, Cabo Pulmo becomed the marine area with the highest concentration of fish in the entire Gulf of California.Peces

Migratory species have been recovered as giant stingrays that seem to fly in a journey to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, whale sharkes and humpbacks whales that often approach boats to interact with tourists. It is also possible to observe sharks, and some species of sea turtles such olive ridley sea turtle and leatherback turtle who are in danger of extinction, and travel to our shores to complete the reproductive cycle.

Due to its great marine diversity, it is the ideal place to practice snorkel and diving and discover large schools of fish that seem to dance while coloring the ocean. If you prefer to explore from the surface you can choose to rent kayak equipment, or bring your own surfboard.


If you like to observe the birds Cabo Pulmo is also a good option, either from the beach or hiking through its tropical desert can you watch endemic and migratory birds.

Halcón Peregrino

So you already have one more reason to visit Los Cabos, either because of our always active nightlife, beach parties or ecological tourism activities such as those offered Cabo Pulmo reservation. Our Concierge and reception staff will advise you with to find the ideal activity for you on your next vacation.

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